T&M Inspirations

Category: Merchant Spotlight

My name is Sandie Van Beaver and I started T&M Inspirations about 8 years ago. T&M stands for my daughters Taylor and Morgan which is how this journey started. I’ve always been crafty from childhood and beyond but would just make things for myself and family. It wasn’t until my daughters were younger that I really started to do it more frequently. I always wanted them to have similar dresses for special occasions but they were in two completely different size spectrums so I started making them dresses. Friends and other school parents would comment and question where I got the adorable dresses for the girls and when I would say I made them, they wanted them for their kids too! I was hesitant for a while as I worked and had 2 young daughters and didn’t know where I would find the time to balance it all but with a little family encouragement I signed up for my first craft show which was a total bust. When I wanted to give up that same family kept pushing me to do it again. I did a few more shows and then a few more and now I do it full time. It has been a crazy and hectic journey but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

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