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Cup O Joy

Category: Merchant Spotlight

Cup O Joy is a faith-based listening room that gives a unique experience to its visitors. They host high-caliber music from nationally touring artists from all over the United States and the world! With styles ranging from bluegrass, rock, singer-songwriters, and even comedy, there's something for everyone! You'll walk out of "The Cup" feeling light-hearted and uplifted.


Not only is this venue perfect for date nights, it's also a great option for families and young people in our community. Cup O Joy works to educate young musicians in the Green Bay by introducing local talent to the musicians they host. The Cup has been inspiring young people to carry on with their music for years through stories and connections with established musicians.


Cup O Joy has been on Broadway for 30 years and currently reside at 232 S Broadway. However, they will be moving to 525 N Taylor St in the future. Be sure to stop by their current music venue to experience a show in the building that has briought so many talented musicians to the Broadway District over the last 30 years. For more information on Cup O Joy, visit their website at or call 920-435-3269.


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