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Board & Brush Green Bay

Category: Merchant Spotlight

Board & Brush Green Bay is a creative studio focusing on wooden decor DIY projects as well as offering other mediums to work with including burlap, chalkboard, canvas, and more! Attend a class at Board & Brush, bring your creativity and willingness to learn, and build a wooden sign from scratch that will make you feel like a DIY pro. Enjoy a creative experience that you won't forget!


Board & Brush Green Bay is a great place to gather, create, and discover your inner DIY skills. They host birthday parties, wedding showers, and all other events that are worth celebrating! Whether you need a girls' night out or a place to bond with your family and friends, the experience you'll take away is unique and long-lasting. Board & Brush Green Bay is not just an art setting, but a place to create memories.


A Wisconsin-based company, Board & Brush Green Bay was the 6th location in the nation, with the first Board & Brush location starting in Heartland, WI. Now, four years later, there are over 250+ locations in over 40 states. See for yourself why this creative experience has become so popular! Visit or call 920-593-9411 for more information.


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