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Lucky 7 Dog Rescue

Category: Merchant Spotlight

The start of Lucky 7 Dog Rescue was incredibly organic and fueled by fate. Owner, Maddy Vasseau, impulsively jumped at the chance to drive down to Texas and rescue 7 puppies from an overcrowded shelter. After getting back to Wisconsin from the rescue trip, she realized that she could make a difference for other parts of the country that were not as fortunate as our state. With the help of many volunteers, Lucky 7 Dog Rescue has grown into what it is today! Every person who has a hand in making the organization successful donates their time and energy. They are focused on educating our community on the importance of animal welfare and rescue efforts.

Want more info on Lucky 7 Dog Rescue? Want to volunteer? Click here for more info!


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Lucky 7 Dog Rescue
239 N Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54303

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