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Headway has a passion for helping the tech community in Wisconsin grow. Their mission is to bring entrepreneurial ideas to market and keep them there. They do this by providing product and business strategy, design, and development services to startups and corporate innovation teams. Headway doesn't just help people build apps - they help people build a business that will last.


Headway's founders, Andrew Verboncouer, Eric Verboncouer, and Jon Kinney, met through a mix of co-working and an area meetup, Digital Fertilizer, that Headway now proudly supports. The founders each have startup experience having helped raise angel investments and capital from VC's while bringing digital products to market. Headway was created in 2015 when founders identified an opportunity in the market to help startups and corporations create the right products to solve the right problems through continuous customer feedback and iteration.


One of the most important factors to Andrew, Eric, and Jon was building the open company and culture that they've always wanted. This included elements from family life to community involvement to how they believe they should work together internally and with their clients. Their strong culture is what empowers their team to perform at its best. By being people-focused and having a growth mindset, they can continuously provide value to everyone they partner with. For more information on Headway, visit


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520 N Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54303

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