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Sterling Law Offices

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225 S Monroe Ave View on Google Maps
Suite 200
Green Bay, WI 54301
(920) 393-2900

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Downtown District

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The experienced team of family law attorneys at Sterling Law Offices want to make the difficult process of a family law case as painless as possible. When your future and the future of your family are on the line, it's simply not enough for a lawyer to go through the motions. That's why during emotionally draining and complex cases like divorce and child custody, the members of the Green Bay office are prepared to go above and beyond in order to support you and get the best result possible.

Enthusiasm for helping others is a requirement for joining the team, and having a group of people who genuinely understand what's at stake during a difficult part of your life can make all the difference. They also make use of an excellent network of professionals who could be the distinction between winning and losing a case. Their network includes social workers, court officials, appraisers, and therapists that share our passion for finding what is fair in the law.

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