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Public Art Projects & Initiatives

Beautify Earth

Olde Main Street, Inc. has recently partnered with Beautify Earth, an online platform that connects property owners, artists, and sponsors all in one place. Property owners and businesses interested in having a mural painted inside or outside of their property can upload images of their walls to the site and attach their guidelines and budgets. In turn, artists can create free accounts to upload their work, browse available walls and express interest in projects. Beautify handles the logistics of approvals, contracting, insurance and payment. Beautify commits 1% profit into their “Back to the Streets” campaign for its work in schools and under served communities. They also commit 15% of sales from our account back to the Art on Main fund for more projects! Read the full article.

Salva Jelly-Bloom

Celebrate your impact on keeping our community clean by visiting Salva Jelly-Bloom. The City of Green Bay is installing a public art sculpture built entirely from recycled materials at 112 N. Adams St. These are larger than life jellyfish and midwestern industrial-inspired creations. They will be made of several found and reclaimed objects, steel, wood, plastic, and recycled plastic bags and bottles. "The underpinning of most of the work I create is based on the idea that humans know not what they do, how what they create long outlasts them. More specifically the exploration of the machines/robots created and the relationships between them and their creators and their surrounding natural environment. When thinking about the Salva-Jelly, the jelly has evolved into a plastic recycling machine using bottles as its bioluminescent feature," - Artist Brandon Minga.

More Green Initiatives Downtown


Mosaic Benches

Olde Main Street will be working with the Park Department to identify opportunities to create functional art along the future connection of the East river Trail to the Fox River Trail.




Windey Metal Art

Olde Main Street has been in touch with local artist, Dave Windey, about finding a home for one of his breathtaking tree sculptures.



Main Street Bridge

Olde Main Street was given permission to explore creative ideas for art along the Main street bridge. This bridge connects the Broadway and Downtown Districts. Please note: area marked off in red is where the bridge lifts for water traffic and nothing is permitted here.