Earth Week Extravaganza

April 18 - 24 • Spring Trash Bash • National Volunteer Week

April 22 • Earth Day

Spring Trash Bash

Earth Day needs a proper celebration now more than ever! We encourage you to come out any time throughout the week of April 18 - 24 and help us clean up the districts and win some prizes! This is a fun and safe, socially-distant way for everyone to get outside and involved with the community. Maps of the districts will be posted below to show areas to focus on.

To ensure a contactless event, we encourage you to bring your own trash bags, gloves, and items to pick up litter. Do not pick up litter with bare hands and please maintain proper social distancing while you stroll through the districts.

Don't forget to keep track of your impact with Litterati! All you have to do is upload pictures of the litter you are picking up and the app will digitally track the location, providing our team with valuable data! You can download the app here: If you're inspired by some friendly competition, join a challenge or challenge your friends and family to see who can collect the most trash and make the biggest impact. Learn more here.

Facebook Event & Giveaways

District & Dumpster Map


National Volunteer Week - Giveaway!

Giveaway: We will be thanking a few lucky volunteers for their hard work with a downtown gift card giveaway! Details will be posted in the Facebook event.

Track your hours by signing up with the Brown County Volunteer Center.

Be a Clean Team Volunteer

Salva Jelly-Bloom

Coming Soon! Celebrate your impact on keeping our community clean by visiting Salva Jelly-Bloom. The City of Green Bay is installing a public art sculpture built entirely from recycled materials at 112 N. Adams St. this spring. These are larger than life jellyfish and midwestern industrial-inspired creations. They will be made of several found and reclaimed objects, steel, wood, plastic, and recycled plastic bags and bottles. "The underpinning of most of the work I create is based on the idea that humans know not what they do, how what they create long outlasts them. More specifically the exploration of the machines/robots created and the relationships between them and their creators and their surrounding natural environment. When thinking about the Salva-Jelly, the jelly has evolved into a plastic recycling machine using bottles as its bioluminescent feature," - Artist Brandon Minga.

If you loved Salva Jelly-Bloom, check out "Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea" at Green Bay Botanical Garden from May 8 - September 26.