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Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon Tea Service at Cultivate Taste Tea Salon to relax and reconnect with family and friends.
Sundays at Cultivate Taste Tea Salon will be all about relaxing and gathering of friends and family over tea and food from September 18th to May 14th (Mother's Day). Feel free to dress in your finest, casual, or somewhere in between. We only require that on these Sundays you do not come in cut offs or torn clothes. Just looking to make this something special.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable and memorable experience for you and you dearests. We want you to engage in conversation and take advantage of this 2 hour timeframe to forget about your worries and the outside world for a little bit. Take advantage of this lazy Sunday afternoon to relax and enjoy the company you are with on this day.
This is a at least 2 day in advance reservation only with 2 options a 2 seat or a 4 seat with the option to add another seat, if needed. This will be a 2 hour seating from noon to 2 pm.
You will be served tea sandwiches, mini scones, and sweet treats with tea of course.