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New Leaf Urban Food Forest

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New Leaf Foods, Inc. is launching an Urban Food Forest project during our annual New Leaf Garden Blitz event on May 12 thru the 15th. You can start your own food forest in your yard today. Order your fruit and nut trees and bushes right now, and pick them up from us May 12-15.

Food forests are plantings of edible landscape plants like raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, plum trees, apple trees, black chokeberries, and hazelnuts that not only enhance the beauty of any yard, but they also provide growers with yummy, healthy options that grow year after year.
After ordering, join Valerie Dantoin, the lead instructor for the Organic Food Systems Program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical program as she guides you through planning, planting and maintaining your perennial food plants in her virtual Food Forest Guide Classes April 5th and April 28th.