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A Perfect Pairing: Bullet Journaling and Wealth Code Workshop

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Discover the secrets to aligning your wealth with your personal values and lifestyle in this unique workshop that combines the art of bullet journaling with the exploration of your personal wealth code, all complemented by a thoughtfully selected wine pairing.

Your wealth code is your personal recipe for how you relate to yourself, and money, based on 8 energetic ingredients.
There is no one right wealth code. Wealth codes are not one size fits all.
It’s thinking that there is “one right way to do money” which gets us stuck. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to think there is a particular way we need to be with money to be wealthy.
Consider that what creates the most financial freedom and alignment with wealth is when we are honoring our wealth code, not trying to force ourselves to fit into someone else's.
Our wealth codes contain the same ingredients, but with different priorities to the energies, in different proportions, and with different interpretations and experiences of them.
Let’s discover your wealth code! BONUS each guest will receive a wine flight that is paired with what your wealth code is.

Bullet Journaling: Your Path to Personal Growth:
Imagine having a daily or weekly ritual that not only helps you plan your future self but also allows you to track your progress and reflect on life's various facets all in one place. Enter bullet journaling—a customizable planner designed by you, for you. Whether you're sketching out your goals in the morning or tracking your achievements at night, bullet journaling offers a versatile canvas for your aspirations, lifestyle, and personality.

The Wine Pairing Experience: As a special treat, each attendee will receive a wine flight, sourced from Ledgestone Vineyards, uniquely paired with their discovered wealth code. We will also have heavy hors d’oeuvres for everyone to snack on and enjoy throughout the event.

Join us for an evening of self-discovery, creativity, and indulgence. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of your financial habits, explore a flexible and creative planning method, or simply enjoy a good glass of wine among like-minded individuals, this workshop promises to offer insights and inspirations to guide you on your journey. Tickets for this event are $100 which includes your wine pairing.