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I will be a Hummingbird

Category: Murals


423 Dousman Street View on Google Maps
Green Bay 54303


Broadway District

About the Artist

Artist: John Kowalczyk

Artist Statement:
“I will be a Hummingbird” is inspired by a story with the same name Wangari Maathai. The story is inspiring and uplifting with the message to do the best you can in all situations no matter how overwhelming they may be. It goes like this… The forest has broken out in a fire and all the animals run and watch from a distance in shock at the disaster. Without thinking the hummingbird flies to the nearest lake and gathers a drop of water in his beak. He flies over the fire and drops the water on the flames and repeats the process many times. The other animals, still staring and standing still, though bigger and able to carry more water, like the elephant, ask the hummingbird “What are you doing?” Without missing a beat, the hummingbird replied, “I am doing the best I can.”

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