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Rogue Games

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533 E Walnut St View on Google Maps
Green Bay, WI 54301

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Downtown District

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Rogue Games is the newest card/gaming shop in town.


Rogue Games was founded by a group of friends that enjoy playing various TCGs (Trading Card Games) and board games. We have all played from a young age and have grown an attachment to card games; we want nothing more than to expand the TCG Community in Green Bay, Wisconsin. At Rogue Games, we believe there is a better way to help the TCG Community enjoy their games in a tournament setting. While there are numerous TCG Shops across the state, there are only a select few that are comprehensive and knowledgeable enough; offering the full TCG/ Gaming experience. What we at Rogue Games want to focus on are hosting tournaments for all tcg/cggs with a greater prize pool than others and delivering a better tournament experience overall. We are also Hoping to showcase the Green Bay TCG Community by having Various invitational tournaments.

At Rogue we would like to create an environment where new players, returning players, And Veteran Players can not only come in and pick up their favorite product but can sit down, play, Trade, And have genuine conversations about the games they love. As players, one thing we enjoy is trading the cards we have collected with other players. We understand that more casual players don’t want to spend big money on expensive cards; that’s why we offer trades as well as the option to purchase. Rogue Games strives to have the best prices (both buying and selling), the preferred tournament location, and the most welcoming community in Wisconsin for everyone interested in tcg/ccgs, video games, and more. At Rogue we hope to grow alongside the community and be the premiere shop in Wisconsin. While still providing quality services and products at an affordable price.

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